6 Easy Steps on How To Get Bigger Clump In Your Waves

how to clump your waves
how to clump your waves

How to make the wave more defined? Tired of trying different clumping techniques and was still unable to get those beautiful thick clumps. Want to add definition to your hair with the help of clumps but do not know how to achieve them? No worries, explore this guide on clumping your hair into thick and big waves.

For some wavy-hair girls, the most crucial step of their hair care routine is maintaining those thick clumps. Although clumping the hair is not as complicated as it looks, If you keep on following the proper steps for some gals, even doing all the steps, they are not possible to achieve that definition. 

There are several reasons for that, and if you cannot maintain these clumps, then you need to tackle those reasons. 

In this guide, we have mentioned all those crucial reasons and steps of clumping, along with all the essential precautions you should take. So without further ado, let’s start to explore.

Before we discuss how to clump your hair, let’s know what clumping means.

What Is Hair Clumping?

What Is Hair Clumping
What Is Hair Clumping

Hair clumping means gathering your hair together when wet to make thick and shiny waves in your hair, or you can say adding waves and curls to the hair is called clumping.

When we usually wash our hair, all the strands loosen up, and any curls or clumps you have flatten up. When you clump the wet hair, they turn out as beautiful and thicker waves, and if you layer up the right product, you can easily lock the clumps in shape. This technique gives your hair a natural wave and adds more definition so your hair can look more bouncy and not poofy.

Usually, many of us fail to maintain clumps in our hair; that’s why we mention all the reasons for loose strands and why you can’t keep your clumps. Here we go!

Why Are You Unable To Maintain Your Clumps?

Why Are You Unable To Maintain Your Clumps
Why Are You Unable To Maintain Your Clumps

Following are some of the reasons why your hair is not clumping properly:

Excessive Build Up

Excessive Build Up
This is one of the many reasons you cannot maintain your hair clump, which is why you must wash your hair deep once a week. A deep clarifying wash can help eliminate the excess build-up surrounding your hair strands and not let the clumps stay in. 
Go for an excellent deep clarifying shampoo like the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black castor oil shampoo that helps clarify the scalp and hair. Excessive build-up is never good for clumping hair, so add this step to your hair care routine to get those perfect curly clumps.
Lack Of Protein

Lack Of Protein
This might be why people who used to have perfect clumps all suddenly their hair started to flatten. If your hair lacks the protein and you are still over-moisturizing them, there is a high chance of the clumps flattening out.
A good balance of protein and moisture is best for hair health and better clumping.
Dry And Parched Hair

Dry And Parched Hair
Yes, we did mention that too much moisture can damage clumps, but that does not mean your hair needs no moisture. A good water balance and the necessary protein are the only way to get wider and thick waves. Still, it doesn’t mean that you go overboard with the moisture and keep layering the product over the product in the name of moisturizing.
Constantly Touching Your Hair

Constantly Touching Your Hair
A lot of people have the habit of touching their hair when they are wet or when they are drying them, and if you want polished waves hair, then you better get rid of that habit. You disrupt the clumps if you’re touching, scrunching them frequently, or manipulating your hair too much. After applying, all the products needed to lock the clumps in, leave your hair alone and let them dry on its own. Only then will you be able to get the clumps and maintain them.

So, If you have been continuously debating with yourself, what is the reason your hair is not clumping as you want, or your hairs get loose after you try to clump them? Then the reasons mentioned above, like the build-up, wrong haircut, lack of proteins, etc.
, can all be the root cause of your problem. To maintain your clumps, avoid touching your hair, apply a generous amount of moisture and let your hair dry in peace. Otherwise, your hair will get loose, no matter how much you try.

How To Clump Your Waves -5 Effortless Steps

How To Clump Your Waves 5 Effortless Steps
How To Clump Your Waves 5 Effortless Steps

Now, we have established an understanding of hair clumping and why you cannot maintain your waves. Let’s discuss how to get your waves back:


Start with shampoo and conditioning

Start with shampoo and conditioning
Start with shampoo and conditioning

First, start with washing your hair with the help of good wavy hair shampoo, and if you are going for a deep cleanse, then a clarifying shampoo is a must. After you have thoroughly deep cleansed the scalp along with the hair, go for deep conditioning. 

Apply a good amount of conditioner and slather it on the lengths of your hair so that every strand is evenly coated with the conditioner. At this point, if you want to remove any tangles, go for the wide-toothed comb or if you want, then brush through your conditioned hairs. 

Ensure that the conditioner or shampoo you use hydrates and has a good moisture retention capability. Now a lot of people ask how they can add clumps without the frizz then this is the way to do that. Balanced moisture is the thing that will create the base for styling and will not let the hair get frizzy. After leaving the hair for a few seconds, rinse the conditioner out, and your hair is ready for the styling products.

Also, if you are wondering what’s the best products for waves, then we have the WaveBuilder Cocoa for dry scalp, and shea butter helps moisturize the scalp. For thin hairs, go for the Cantu Shea butter pomade; if you have curly hairs, then the Luster’s S curl control pomade is the one for you. Lastly, the Roller Coaster Hair Pomade should be your go-to choice for an oily scalp.


Squish to condish method

Squish to condish method
Squish to condish method

The squishing method is the most crucial step in getting those beautiful and wider waves, and if done correctly, you will have hydrated waves. You can apply your designated styling product at this step or achieve this with the conditioner you used for deep conditioning. 

Turn your head upside down and ensure your hair is soaking wet. After that, use the product and gently rake the fingers through the hair stands to apply the product evenly. After that, when you are rinsing the hair, squish your hair upwards so that the mixture of the conditioner/product with the water soaks the hair. 

Keep on squishing this way, as your wavy hairs will start to form clumps, and your hair will start to soak up the moisture needed for the hair to stay frizz-free. 

You will start to feel the smoothness in your strands when you are scrunching, which means that the waves have started to clump. Keep repeating the process until no mixture of water and conditioner is left.


Lock your clumps

Lock your clumps
Lock your clumps

Now, if you want to tame your curly hair into beautiful waves and want them to remain in shape, then follow up with this step. Go ahead and get an excellent quality gel to help maintain the wavy clumps. Apply the gel on your strands after the squish method, which will lock the clumps the way you want them to be. If you never followed up with the step, then this might be another reason you are not getting the chunks you wish. Try this step and see the change.


Use your fingers

Use your fingers
Use your fingers

Now you might be confused. Why fingers? This step is to add a better definition and style your waves the way you want. Using a finger is best if you want your waves to clump in a certain way or create a specific wave pattern. 

If you have some sections of hair that are not clumping the way you want, then curl the strand around your fingers. Guide them the way you want them to clump; this is another excellent way to distribute the product and keep them appropriately moisturized.


Leave your hair to air dry.

Leave your hair to air dry
Leave your hair to air dry

Now time to leave your waves alone. When you’re done following all the steps, this is crucial as the waves clump even better when drying. If you want your hair to clump better, then do not touch your hair at any cost. Even if you have a habit of raking your finger through your hair to dry it or like to keep brushing it for it to dry better, we recommend you stop doing that. This habit not only disrupts clumping but also continuous touching and manipulation of the hair can cause hair to frizz, which makes your hair look very dry.

Things To Avoid To Keep Your Clumps In Shape

Things To Avoid To Keep Your Clumps In Shape
Things To Avoid To Keep Your Clumps In Shape

Why are your clumps not in shape? Want to know the things you can do to maintain your clumps? Let’s explore! 

Avoid Brushing dry hairs.

Avoid Brushing dry hairs
One mistake many people make after clumping their hair is using a brush, especially when it is dry. This is the biggest mistake one can make as it not only loosens up the clumps but also makes your hair straight and flat. So when your hair has dried, it is better not to use the brush. Even if you want to detangle the hair, use a wide-toothed comb while rinsing out the conditioner.
Don’t touch your hair while drying.

Dont touch your hair while drying
Many people have this question about how to define waves without frizz. Then this is the answer to your problem. After you are done with all the steps and clumping, let them air dry, and refrain from touching your hair too much while drying. This can help prevent frizz in your hair and make the waves more defined.

If you continuously touch your hair, you are damaging the clumps, and your hair goes frizzy with continuous touching. So if you have the habit of touching your hair when drying, this might one mistake that is not letting your hair clump as you like. 
Do not touch your comb.

Do not touch your comb
After you have started the squish-to-condish method, refrain from touching the comb and leave your hair as they are. Combing during squish to condish method can ruin the clumping process, and you will be left with flat hair.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Blow Dry Curly Hair Into Waves?

Can You Blow Dry Curly Hair Into Waves

Yes, you can blow dry your curly, wavy hair; you might have to straighten them up before adding beautiful waves. If you have naturally curly hair, whether thick or thin, you cannot style them into waves before you straighten them up. 

So before styling them into beautiful beachy waves, blow dry your hair to straighten them up, and then start with waves. We recommend using a good protection spray as curly hairs are pretty dry and fragile, so you should take measures for protection.

Can I Style My Clumps As I Like?

Can I Style My Clumps As I Like

Of course, you can clump your hair as you want; you will need to use your fingers. For better clumps, you need to use your hands, especially when squishing your hair, but if you mean to style your hair in some specific way. Then you should take your hair section and use your fingers to curl them in the particular patterns you want. 

Moreover, if you have some sections of your hair that are not clumping the way you want them, use this method to create the clumps. You will see how beautiful your hair clumps and style your hair as you wish.

How to get beachy waves at home?

How to get beachy waves at home

Styling your hair at home is qurelativelyasy and turning your hair into a beachy wave is a piece of cake; you only need an iron rod or wand. Apply a heat protectant on your hair and wrap your hair around the want with an inch distance; style all the sections of hair like this, jiggle your hair, and hair styling is done. 

Why are my hairs not clumping Properly?

Why are my hairs not clumping Properly

If you are trying to clump your waves and are not successfully clumping them properly, then the main problem is the moisture. Your hair might be highly dehydrated, which is why your hair is not able to retain the clump. For better high-definition clumps, the moisture content of hair is essential. 

So first, bring back the moisture in your hair with shampoo or conditioners with hydrating elements. Moreover, avoid heat reasonably and apply suitable oils to get around the moisture.

How To Use The Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothies For Waves?

How To Use The Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothies For Waves

Shea butter moisture curl cream is the best choice for wavy and curly hair as It keeps the hair moisturized. Formulated with coconut oil and shea butter, this is the best combination for frizzy and dehydrated hair. The shea butter stores the hydration of the hair and also protects the hair from premature damage. 

Moreover, it also reduces the breakage of the hair and keeps your hair in a more voluminous and radiant shape. So if you are contemplating using shea butter for your wavy hair, then no worries, go ahead with it. Take the amount you want and apply it to the section of your hair; you can use it on wet or dry hair. After applying, style your hair as you wish.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right clump in your hair is not as difficult as it looks; you need to take care of some factors, and there you go. You have some lovely clumps. So if you have been relatively unsuccessful in getting the clumps, start following the tips above, and you will have wider and thicker waves in your hair. 

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